Watch this video to learn the principals of owner financing you will need to build upon for all the fancy stuff!

Click here to see how to walk a properTY properLY

This is a recording of how I bought a house over the phone in under 20 minutes

Learn two different ways to go through the entire Owner Financed contract with your seller.

This VERY IMPORTANT video will show you how to value and comp your properties

This is a great interview with our favorite insurance agent Alisha Lamm on all the specifics and needs with owner financed insurance policies. It’s EVER SO IMPORTANT to have your insurance done the right way. Watch as Alisha tells all!

This goes through how to search public records for the all important “Appointment of substitute trustee” lead.

This is a video walk-thru by an old partner of mine showing how you can locate divorce leads for FREE from public records. This is the same method you will use for appointment of substitute trustee leads.

Youseful videos

As I find videos out on YouTube or sites like it, I’ll occasionally post them up here if I think it’s something that will help you in one way or another. There’s so much great content out there in the world, these are just a few that I found particularly interesting for us for one reason or another.

OK, so this guy is kind of a jerk and I don’t like his attitude BUT the principal he’s showing is extremely valuable for us to understand. Too many times I have new investors who are afraid to ask what someone’s interest rate is, or what they owe on their property. We have to remember that THEY called US and that they are willing to answer our questions in order to get this deal done. If you ask with confidence and just ask with the assumption that they will tell you the information you want, they will surely answer. It is VERY rare that someone says they’re uncomfortable telling you the answer to any of the questions you need answered to buy this house. If you are getting “no”s when you ask for things, you need to analyze HOW you’re asking them. Ask with confidence. This is information you need in order to make a decision.

This is an intro to influence and persuasion, which is phenomenal. This has to do with the research behind the book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, which for my dollar is the single greatest book you can read with negotiations in mind.