Weekly Live Q&A Replays

Learn from our extensive experience the “do’s and don’ts” of Seller Financing. Upon completing this course you will have every piece of knowledge you need to successfully build a single family portfolio based on creative and proven strategies.


  • In the two LLC system, do you set one up as your main company and then setup a different one for each property? Or do you just set up a second one to handle all of the properties?
  • How do you align a buyer at the same timing that you buy a property in a wrap around situation? What happens if there are gaps between those two time periods?
  • How does the math work out when you purchase a house for over the Underlying Lien value? Do you split up the payment to the seller and the mortgage company?
  • How would you structure a deal with a seller that has 0 to little equity?
  • what do you have to lookout for when wholesaling sub 2 deals?
  • how does closing costs work for sub 2 deals?


“What happens in foreclosure scenarios” and some tips on talking to your seller on the phone!

Grant Kemp


Grant Kemp has originated over $75 million dollars worth of seller financed mortgages. Having started out his professional career in IT, Grant likes to focus on systems and processes that put the puzzle pieces together. In this business knowledge is power, and Grant takes knowledge very seriously. Watch the entire module for this no holds barred, fire hydrant hose open at full blast, barrage of knowledge to take to the streets!