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 The CreativeCashFlow.com Academy is the internet’s most extensive and comprehensive guide to Sub2 and Seller Financing available…Guaranteed!

Download the PDF of the slides used at the NTAREI Seller Financing meeting 12/28/17 below:

Keynote Version
Due to the amount of images in this keynote, the keynote and powerpoint presentations are way too big to offer as a download (150MB!). Please see the PDF version.
PowerPoint version
Due to the amount of images in this keynote, the keynote and powerpoint presentations are way too big to offer as a download (150MB!). Please see the PDF version.

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Grant Kemp

Grant Kemp

Grant is passionate about sharing real and actionable knowledge for people to follow without being barraged with the normal “upsale” guru type of education that pervades the marketplace. If you’re tired of paying $1,000 just to get told how much more money you’ll make if you give them $2,000 this is the program for you. Learn from Grant’s extensive knowledge so you don’t have to make mistakes with your investment money. Become the investor you’ve always looked at and wondered “how do they do it?”. Jump and the net will appear…

To watch the Academy videos that cover the title topics from 12/28’s meeting, put your email address in below. Don’t worry, my system dupe checks emails so regardless of if you’re already in the system you won’t start getting double messaging from me.

What is Sub2


What're they saying?

What I really enjoy about these videos is that Grant is able to take complex topics in real estate investing and break them down into step by step format that you can follow. Not only is he knowledgeable about topics in real estate, but you can definitely tell he is very passionate about teaching it to fellow investors. I’ve learned a lot from watching his videos and I know you will too.

Charles Nguyen

Essentials Member

Tim Ramjattan

Essentials Member

We just finished watching your videos on CreativeCashFlow.com. We thought they were REALLY good. They were very informative, clear and concise. Easy to follow. I like that you even cover how to use the 10bii and other tools like simple crew. Overall we really enjoyed it and look forward to what you have to release in the future!

Tiger & Erika Butler

The videos are of professional quality. The information that Grant gives is priceless.

Dan Hall

Essentials Member

I'm a high end jeweler by day, and I've been amazed that the negotiation techniques Grant taught me have even led to more sales in my regular job! It just goes to show that what we're learning here doesn't just have to work in real estate, but that these techniques work on the basic psychology of people! Very cool!

Stacey Holzer

Personal Mentor Student

Wow! The information is great, but your teaching style is out of site. The relaxed manner that you teach with is probably because of the experience behind the words. Honest, laid back, and personal. Keep up the great work!

Doug Toon

Essentials Member

I just want to say that I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with Grant. He jump started my career in Real Estate Investing. He was very thorough and explained everything from A to Z. He were very involved and personal with me, making sure I comprehended everything there was to know about how to structure my deals. To this day we still partner up with deals and see many future deals to come. I would recommend him to anyone that is interested in real estate investing.

Arthur Martinez

Personal Mentor Student

Grant never disappoints!   This is the third time I have seen him do a presentation on Subject To investing, and I have learned new things each time I attended.   Great coach and teacher.

Fred Robertson

Class Attendee

I found the videos on Title Search very informative and helpful. I can use them in my preliminary due diligence before making an offer on a property. Before reviewing this video I thought I would have to have a title search done. AWESOME INFO!

Martha Parker

Essentials Member

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