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A “No B.S.” approach to real estate education. We’ve sat in the same chair as you are in right now….working a 9-5 and wondering how the heck you were going to end up with this big portfolio of income producing assets all the guru’s promise. Well guess what? We were just as frustrated by the “all Rah Rah” type guru education programs as you are. So we chose to do something about it. Several years of planning and production later and here we are… with the internet’s most extensive and comprehensive guide to buying and selling houses with seller financing.

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Grant Kemp

Grant Kemp

Meet The Instructor

Grant Kemp has originated over $75,000,000 worth of owner financed mortgages $100k at a time, but his first 50 or 60 homes were bought literally without spending any money out of his back pocket. Grant’s journey started out much like many of yours…a 9-5er searching on the internet “how do I buy houses without having any money?”. Frustrated by the lack of *real*, *actionable* information on the internet he set out to learn it all himself, and with the help of God opening doors to some of the most experienced minds in the industry, Grant quickly built the portfolio and knowledge base needed to live the lifestyle he had dreamed of.

Raised in an 1100 sq ft 3 bedroom house in a rough part of town, Grant was no stranger to the “don’t come home, the helicopters are out again” phone call. Gang signs tagged on the front brick of his house, and next door neighbors that are currently serving life in prison for drug trafficking was life. While raised with an abundance of love, money was not a “thing”.

Grant then went on to work retail at the Apple store, and subsequently an IT job for a stock company downtown before realizing how much money there was to be made by firing his boss. 3 years later and he was consistently buying 5-7 houses a month with a cashflowing portfolio producing $15k/mo and multiple employees. Years later, seeing the opportunity to give the community what he couldn’t find as a newcomer, he set out to provide the internet’s most comprehensive and gimmick free seller financing modules available with the Academy.

All this to say, you don’t have to come from money to win. You, too, can buy a massive portfolio if you arm yourself with the right information and dedicate yourself to acting on ambition, rather than sitting back and wanting. We hope you choose to start your journey with us, you’re going to be pleased with what’s behind the curtain.

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

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Fully searchable content.

Keep track of where you are with full progress tracking!

Downloadable content, full text video outlines, and viewable slideshows available on each video.

Exclusive members only dashboard with access to the downloads/resources center. Get all the contacts, contract, and comments you need to be successful. Right at your fingertips.

Our Most Popular Courses

People love knowing the tricks of the trade. Grant has originated over $75 Million dollars worth of seller financed mortgages $100,000 at a time. Learn the in-depth tricks of the trade you won’t find anywhere else.

If this is the free stuff imagine what you get for being a member?

Learn how minor changes to your terms can result in MAJOR changes to your income

Learn the basics we all need in order to be successful in Seller Financing.

Want to watch all four? No biggie! My system dupe checks emails, you’re not going to receive multiple emails if you put it in for each video.

You won’t lose money by not doing this….but you sure will make more money if you know which to prefer- Principal or Interest?

Learn how to ramp up your bulk marketing while still having believable handwritten letters!

What People Are Saying

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“I’ve got 3 investment properties under contract that would net me $120,000 dollars cash THIS MONTH…why am I not doing it? The tips and tricks I’ve learned from will allow me to turn these deals into over a MILLION dollars in performing assets over time.”

Tim Ramjattan, Essentials Member

Hey grant just wanted to say I’m barely on the 8th video, but man you give out so much knowledge & Really don’t hold back! Thanks again for a real deal program!!

Jose Solorzano, Essentials Member

“I just want to say that I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with Grant. He jump started my career in Real Estate Investing. He was very thorough and explained everything from A to Z. He were very involved and personal with me, making sure I comprehended everything there was to know about how to structure my deals. To this day we still partner up with deals and see many future deals to come. I would recommend him to anyone that is interested in real estate investing.”

Arthur Martinez, Personal Mentor Student

“Wow! The information is great, but your teaching style is out of site. The relaxed manner that you teach with is probably because of the experience behind the words. Honest, laid back, and personal. Keep up the great work!”

Doug Toon, Essentials Member

Charles Nguyen

What I really enjoy about these videos is that Grant is able to take complex topics in real estate investing and break them down into step by step format that you can follow. Not only is he knowledgeable about topics in real estate, but you can definitely tell he is very passionate about teaching it to fellow investors. I’ve learned a lot from watching his videos and I know you will too.

Charles Nguyen, Essentials Member

Tiger/Erika Butler

We just finished watching your videos on We thought they were REALLY good. They were very informative, clear and concise. Easy to follow. I like that you even cover how to use the 10bii and other tools like simple crew. Overall we really enjoyed it and look forward to what you have to release in the future!

Tiger & Erika Butler, Essentials Members

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