IMG_1793Having originated nearly $100,000,000 in seller financed mortgages, Nationally licensed mortgage broker Grant Kemp and CreativeCashFlow.com push past the low content high sales model of education that has invaded today’s educational outlets. CreativeCashFlow.com provides today’s investor with the resources and knowledge they need to start a business revolving around the purchase and sale of single family real estate with a special focus on seller financing and “subject to” transactions.

Whether you  are an investor looking for your first deal, or you are looking to turn your 5 deals a month into 10 deals a month, CreativeCashFlow.com will provide you with all the tools you need for success. As featured on national syndicates such as the BiggerPockets.com podcast, Grant has taken the charge to raise education standards and give truly actionable information on the many benefits of seller financing and how to transact your deal the *right* way. Using the principals and laws set forth in Dodd-Frank, SAFE, RESPA, TILA, State Property Code and more, you will learn how these laws work FOR you in helping you reach retirement quickly and ethically.

Though investing in real estate should never be construed as easy, Grant will lead you through a step by step curriculum that has been proven to take those who just wanted to be an investor and turn them into house buying machines! Sign up today so you can start buying more houses NOW!

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See the interview from Propelio.com where Grant talks about how he got started in the business, general “need to know” basics of getting your business going with sub2, and most of all- just get to know the guy you’ll be working with as you start this journey into real estate investing!